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Våra kontaktlinser easyvision Opteyes Toric ingår i vårt utbud av toriska månadslinser, du köper dina linser snabbt och smidigt direkt på sajten. Biofinity Toric är toriska silikon-hydrogel kontaktlinser som ger en exceptionell komfort, utmärkt syn Privat varumärke från tillverkaren Easyvision Opteyes Toric. Det riktiga namnet på Easyvision Opteyes Toric är egentligen Biofinity Toric 6- pack. Specsavers kallar den här linsen för Easyvision Opteyes Toric när de säljer . Specsavers easyvision Opteyes Toric also have an advanced designed for high stability and less movement of the lens when changing between near and distance vision. This gives clear, high-performance vision consistently for those with astigmatism. easyvision monthly opteyes toric lenses offer exceptional value as they are reusable and correct astigmatism. These lenses benefit from a handling tint and silicone hydrogel material. This advanced material allows extra oxygen to the eye making the lenses . Details of Specsavers Easyvision Monthly Opteyes Toric (Ultimate) Biofinity Toric are silicone-hydrogel toric contact lenses, from CooperVision, that offer exceptional comfort, excellent vision and a healthier lens wearing experience/5(16).

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